Best online contract system…ever

One of the biggest headaches when it comes to shooting wedding films is creating contracts. This is likely a hassle no matter what business you’re involved in.

I’ve used services like HelloSign, DocuSign, SignNow, etc. They’re all great services, but they drop the ball (at least in my experience), in one area–and that’s with creating the actual contract.

I’m used to using a Word doc and creating a PDF and “defining” the signature area for my clients with SignNow. This is definitely time consuming and it never looks perfect.

I recently stumbled upon a system called Agree. They have changed everything for how I deal with contracts.

With Agree, you simply define what you’re offering and they walk you through step-by-step with what you need to fill out. It’s literally the coolest system I’ve ever used. Let’s face it, I’m writing a blog about creating contracts.

It’s also an affordable system.

You can also manage/create contracts using their mobile app.

For more information about Agree, check out their site here.

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