How to get more wedding leads

There’s no magic wand answer for this, however, I’ve got a few tips that have helped me along the way.

I started filming weddings in 2014. It was mainly just because someone asked if I would. I had zero intentions of growing wedding filmmaking into a business.


Do an incredible job for your clients. Have you ever purchased a product that you fell in love with and had to tell everyone and anyone that would listen about how great it was? By giving it your all at each wedding, word of mouth will cause you business to grow.

Get to know people

Get to know venue managers and wedding photographers. Often times this is the first stop for many couples. Your venue and wedding photographers will recommend you.

Share on social

Share your work on social media. Tag it every which way you can. Get it out there. This will help.


Advertise on Google/WeddingWire/TheKnot. I don’t recommend starting out this way as it can be extremely expensive, but I’ve still received leads from these outlets.

Stand your ground

Stand your ground on price. As you grow, don’t come down on your pricing. You’ll only regret this. If couples are interested, they’ll pay your fee.

I hope this helps. Good luck booking more weddings!