My new favorite lut pack

I recently picked up a new lut pack from White in Revery. They’re filmmakers based in Colorado. Their lut pack creates muted/desaturated greens, a slightly contrasted image, and fantastic looking skin tones. I’d say it’s slightly warm without going overboard.

The video stills below were shot with a Sony A7sii with the picture profile Cine4 S-Gamut3 Cine. You can check out my conversion lut for Cine4 S-Gamut3 here.

My workflow for color correction/grading looks like this:

  1. Adjust exposure and white balance first using Color Finale inside FCPX. In the images below, I wanted to maintain the sky, but also bring back the skintones or midtones. I brought highlights down with shadows and midtones going up.
  2. Add a conversion lut for Cine4 S-Gamut3 Cine to bring it back to normal REC.709 colorspace.
  3. Add creative lut and adjust intensity.