Why I’m ditching the Sony A7sii for the Sony A7iii

I’ve been a strong proponent of the A7sii ever since I switched from Canon a couple of years ago. It’s ability to practically see in the dark and strong video features like peaking, S-Log, etc., have led to a cult-like following of filmmakers. As far as video is concerned, Sony mirrorless cams are getting it right.

So why am I switching to the A7iii? Three big features: autofocus, autofocus, and autofocus. For those of you who’ve ever tried to shoot on a Zhyiun Crane, you understand the need for on-point continuous autofocus. You understand this need even more if you shoot wedding films. This is really the only place where the A7sii falls short for me.

Here are some other great features from the A7iii:

  • 2 SD card slots
  • Improved battery life
  • Sony’s most advanced focusing set-up
  • Full frame 4K UHD

I’ll be creating a full review of this camera in the coming days.